Eco - Shaving



Reduce the daily water consumption used for shaving ( save up to 9,5 liters per day )     


Using the integrated cleaning brush during  the shaving/depilation’s rituals, shaving hairs are removed at first, then few water is necessary to quickly completely clean the razor’s blades.


Reduce the water consumption. Let's save up to 2470 liters of water per year per person.  


Germ free. Cleaned razor’s blades guarantee a better shaving quality and Razor’s life is improved  

For a sustainable shaving & depilation, practical and everyday actions that help to save our natural resources.




People normally shave leaving the water tap running; this in order to try to better clean the accumulated shaving hairs between the razor's blades, which are extremely difficult to be removed. Two liters of water are used per minutes; five minutes are necessary to shave; about ten liters of water are used. Using HAPPY MORNING, 0,5 liters only of water can be used.


  • Much less water is used daily (0,5 liters Vs. 10 liters)
  • Not necessary to "hit" the razor head on the sink, in order to better try to remove the accumulated shaved hairs ( the razor is damaged )
  • Improve the razor's life. Decrease the number of razors used and disposed every year.