Happy Morning.  For a Safe & Clean shaving 


Insert the razor
Sterilize the razor's blades (Germicidal lamp & ULTRA LED)
Shave using the integrated cleaning brush to keep the razor's blades clean (improve the shaving quality saving water daily, up to 9,5 liters)
Store the razor in Happy morning till the next shaving



Solve your daily needs


Where to store the razor daily used?

How to avoid the dirty accumulated in between the razor's blades & proliferation of germs?

How to sterilize the razor?

How to Shave in a safe environment?

Follicular boils and skin irritation are common ...

How to improve the razor's life?

How to prevent pathogens like Viruses?

The razor may contain up to 1.272 million of germs ...

Eco -Shaving concept.


 The solution is  HAPPY MORNING






For men & women


It is the only razor case suited to the Sterilization and Cleaning of razors. An elegant and safe place where to store the razors daily used. Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi can be destroyed. Staphylococcus Aureus which cause Folliculitis is destroyed, reducing the formation of Boils and Skin Irritation (SGS international laboratory report). Finally a safe shaving and hair removal is guaranteed wherever you are. Cleaning the razor blades from beard hairs has never been so simple. Shaving and depilation quality is absolutely improved through the integrated brush and sterilization system. Reduce the water consumption daily .You can repeatedly sterilize the same razor to remove the more resistant microbes.

The razor's life is also improved.

 Eco - Shaving



           Technical characteristics

Multifunctional Razor Case
Cleaning  system integrated (brush)
Sterilization system (UVC lamp & ULTRA LED)
Integrated  reflection system  (improve the sterilization function)
Sterilization on/off  indicator (blue led)
Low battery level indicator (red led)
Integrated mirror (to let shave in safe everywhere)
Safety switch integrated
Anti-skid bottom
Portable Device
International Certifications :  CE - ROHS - FCC - PROPOSITION 65 
International Laboratory Reports :  SGS - BUREAU VERITAS